Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a soft high temperature insulation material, commonly used in the steel, cement and glass processing industries. It’s made from high strength spun ceramic fibres, which are needled together into a firm, pliable blanket. Rated to a maximum service temperature of 1100 degrees C, our ceramic fibre blanket is perfect for insulating kilns, forges and of course, Pizza Ovens. 

Ceramic Fibre blanket can be easily moulded around complex shapes, it is lightweight and has very low thermal conductivity which makes it an excellent insulation material. It can be cut to shape using a blade or scissors, making it easy to apply.

If you’re building a Wood Fired Oven we recommend using Ceramic Fibre Blanket to insulate the oven dome, applying two layers (each 25m thick) for a total thickness of 50mm. To protect the ceramic fibre blanket from the weather, we follow this with a 50mm layer of Perlite render. This combination is so effective that you can take your oven well over 800 degrees C, and the outside of this layer will be only mildly warm to the touch.

Sizes Available

Full Roll: 7200x610x25mm
Half Roll: 3600x610x25mm


Blanket Density: 128kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity: 0.09W/m.K
Max Service Temperature: 1000 degrees C