D105 PreCut Wood Fired Oven Kit - $2990 inc GST

The D105 PreCut Brick Oven Kit is our most popular product. With an internal diameter of 105cm the D105 PreCut Kit is big enough to satisfy even the largest family. You’ll be able to comfortably fit three pizzas in the oven at once, five if you’re feeling particularly skilled with your pizza peel!

As with all of our PreCut Kits, we do as much as we possibly can for you. All of the bricks come cut and ground to size, we provide you with templates, CNC machined formwork, a Trammel, fibreglass dome form and much, much more. All you need to do is assemble the kit like a big jigsaw puzzle (see the PreCut Kits page for more details).

The dimensions of the D105 PreCut Wood Fired Oven are shown in the layout diagram below, which also shows the recommended slab size for this kit. 

D105 Rectangular Stand Block Layout - Full Dimensions.jpg
D105 Rectangular Stand Block Layout - View 4.jpg

Cross Section Diagram

In the image below you can see a cross section of the oven, showing the different layers of thermal mass and insulation. The design of this oven uses a hemispherical dome for the main oven chamber. This is the optimal shape for an oven of this size; the ceiling of the oven chamber is high enough to fit a large roast with enough clearance to prevent burning when cooking at low temperatures, while the same time the ceiling is low enough to nicely crisp the top of your favourite pizzas when you have the oven good and hot.

D105 PreCut Kit Cross Section
D105 PreCut Kit Cross Section - Dimensions

D105 PreCut Kit Photos