D130 PreCut Wood Fired Oven Kit - $3790 inc GST

The D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit is tailor-made for commercial applications, or for those who really want a BIG oven in their backyard. With an internal diameter of 1300mm the D130 PreCut Kit is a great choice if you’re opening a wood fired pizzeria, or just want to be able to cook an entire lamb with a couple of trays of veggies at the same time.

This oven is different from the two smaller PreCut igloo kits, because the shape of the dome is not hemispherical. Due to the large width of the dome, we use an elliptical shape with steep sides and a relatively flat ceiling. This keeps the ceiling (which is of course your radiant heat source for cooking) at the optimal height, perfect for cooking commercial quantities of pizza, but still ideal for roasting and baking bread. 

As with all of our PreCut Kits, we do as much as we possibly can for you. All of the bricks come cut and ground to size, we provide you with templates, CNC machined formwork, a special Trammel Tool (see below), fibreglass dome form and much, much more. All you need to do is assemble the kit like a big jigsaw puzzle (see the PreCut Kits page for more details).


There are a couple of other key differences in this oven design; 

  • As these ovens are commonly used in commercial applications, we cut the majority of the floor tiles to fit inside the walls, meaning they can be pulled out and replaced in the future if need be.

  • Instead of a fixed-radius Trammel Tool (which can only be used to create a hemisphere) the kit comes with a custom made Elliptical Trammel Tool, which can be fully adjusted to lay a smooth elliptical curve.

  • You can customise elements of the kit to suit your application – for example you may want additional thermal mass in the oven floor which can be achieved using more Refractory Castable. Talk to us about your project and we’ll be able to help.

The dimensions of the D130 PreCut Wood Fired Oven are shown in the layout diagram below, which also shows the recommended slab size for this kit. 

D130 PreCut Kit Layout

Cross Section Diagram

In the image below you can see a cross section of the oven, showing the different layers of thermal mass and insulation. The design of this oven uses an elliptical dome for the main oven chamber. This is the optimal shape for an oven that is this wide; the ceiling of the oven chamber is high enough to fit a large roast with enough clearance to prevent burning when cooking at low temperatures, while the same time the ceiling is low enough to nicely crisp the top of your pizzas when you have the oven good and hot.

D130 PreCut Kit Cross Section
D130 Cross Section View - Dimensions

Photos of the D130 PreCut Kit