Along with all of our Refractory Materials and Wood Fired Oven Kits, we also sell a range of other items to that our customers have found useful.

Acrylic Render

Made by Melbourne Acrylic Coatings, we stock 5L tubs of their acrylic Rustic Texture Render in a variety of colours. This is what we advise our customers to apply over the Perlite Render layer of their Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, as it has a range of benefits.

  • Waterproof – Keeping rain and moisture out of the oven dome
  • Flexible – Bridges small cracks in the Perlite render layer
  • Easy to Apply – Either roll it on, or use a sheepskin mitt apply it by hand
  • Handy 5L Tub – Generally most retailers sell a minimum of 15L, more than you need!