PreCast Wood Fired Oven Kits 

We have the finest quality PreCast Pizza Ovens, made right here in Melbourne. If the idea of having your own Wood Fired Oven appeals to you, then this is the perfect solution for you! With the option to build your own oven as a D.I.Y kit or have it professionally installed by our team, we have all your oven needs covered. 

Included in the PreCast Kit:

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+ Professional Installation Available

We offer a full delivery and installation service; our PreCast Oven weighs under 700kg and is seperated into four sections, so it’s nice to know you won’t have to break your back trying to install it if the DIY option is not for you. We construct your oven on site and can trim it in an array of different finishes. Installation price is dependent on location and access, so Contact Us for a quote.

+ PreCast Dome Sections

The dome of the oven is made up of four PreCast sections, which lock together perfectly using custom designed ‘tongue & groove’ joints. The first section is the entry arch, made to fit the golden ’63 percent’ rule, with the height of the opening set at 63% of the internal dome height.

The dome itself is comprised of three shell pieces, made in a special elliptical shape for optimal heat distribution, with a wall thickness of 65mm. This wall thickness gives you the perfect balance of quick heat up time, with long heat retention for roasting, bread baking and slow cooking. The PreCast sections are made from a high grade refractory castable, reinforced with stainless steel fibres for superior strength and durability. Our PreCast sections are all rated to over 1350°C.

+ Fire Brick Floor

All of the Floor Tiles are cut to size and ready to lay. The fire bricks used in the oven floor are 42% Alumina, rated to 1400°C with an exceptionally hard wearing surface, and are 50mm thick.

+ Insulation

Knowing how important it is to properly insulate a Wood Fired Oven, this is something we focus on. The oven has 50mm of Calcium Silicate Board beneath the floor, and 50mm of Ceramic Fibre Blanket over the dome. The blanket is encased in a thick shell of lightweight Perlite render. One full roll of 25mm thick Ceramic Fibre Blanket, giving you two full layers over your precast dome.

+ Elliptical Dome Profile

If you take a cross section of the PreCast Oven Dome you will see that it has an elliptical profile. This profile makes the oven ideal for making pizzas, as the radiant heat source (the oven dome) is quite close to the floor, crisping your pizzas quickly. It’s also brilliant for roasts, casseroles, even steaks!

The PreCast Flue Gallery is the molded piece that fits over the brick arches at the front of the oven. Made from stainless steel fibre reinforced refractory castable, it comes fitted with 6" Stainless Steel Flue Sleeve, ready to attach the other flue section onto.

+ Stainless Steel Door

Our PreCast Oven comes with a stainless steel door, bead blasted to a beautiful satin finish. The door has elegant hardwood handles with brushed stainless steel rings top and bottom, as well as a temperature gauge which is brilliant for roasting.

+ Oven Stand (optional)

If you don’t have a stand to put your oven on, and would like one provided for you it’s no problem. We can manufacture a steel frame stand to suit the area you’re putting the oven in, including Hebel Power Panels cut to size to form the slab on which the oven will sit. Quote available on request.

+ Polished Black Granite Landing

As an optional extra we can supply you with a polished granite landing, cut perfectly to fit around the mouth of the oven. This not only looks great, but has a purpose. When you’re cooking pizzas, sometimes you’ll want to pull them out to check on them, and the granite landing gives you a place to do that, which can be easily cleaned later on. If you are interested in a landing for your oven we can add this to your order.

Sizes & Pricing:

P85 PreCast Oven Kit

"When my wife and i decided to replace our old faithful BBQ with a wood fired oven,we didn’t quite realize the number of manufacturers/importers that where available.Countless hours of research and I always found myself coming back to the Melbourne Fire Brick Company's range of ovens.

The staff were great, assisting me with answers to any questions I had along the way, and it all came together with relative ease.

While the P85 may lack the physical size of his big brothers it certainly lacks nothing in its ability to get up to and hold temperature. From great pizzas to roasts and slow cooking this little fella does the lot with ease.

If you are in the market for a wood fired oven but are maybe put off by the size of the bigger ovens then the P85 PreCast Oven is worth consideration.

Thanks Guys" 

Wayne and Belinda