Refractory Fire Bricks

We supply dense refractory fire bricks for use in Kilns, Furnaces, Forges, Fireplaces and of course Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. Our Dense Fire Bricks are of the highest quality, made to strict dimensional tolerances, with smooth faces and sharp edges. With a minimum Alumina content of 38%, these bricks have a maximum working temperature of 1350 degrees C. This Alumina content also makes these bricks very tolerant to Thermal Shock.

Dense fire bricks are easy to cut, providing you have the right equipment. If you’re planning on making more than a dozen cuts, we recommend using a brick saw, with a suitable diamond blade. A brick saw has water running against the blade as it cuts, which cools the blade and collects the dust as a slurry. For small jobs, you can use an angle grinder with a diamond cutting blade (soak the bricks in water before cutting). Either way, when you’re cutting dense fire brick make sure you wear a suitable dust mask in addition to the normal safety gear. 

Available Fire Brick Sizes

Tile Brick - 305x305x50mm
Straight Brick - 230x115x75mm
Arch Brick - 230x115x75/65mm
Half Arch Brick - 115x115x75/65mm
Split Brick - 230x115x25mm

Material Specifications

Alumina Content: 38%         
Bulk Density: 2200kg/m3
Cold Compressive Strength: 24MPa
Apparent Porosity: 22%
Max Service Temperature: 1350 degrees C

If you have any questions regarding our range of dense refractory bricks, please Contact Us.