Anyone who has ever tried to cook in any kind of oven knows that to cook well, you really need to know the oven’s temperature! To do that you’ll need a thermometer, and we have several options for you.

Oven Door Thermometers    ($55)

If you’ve made a door for your oven and need a thermometer for it, we have you covered. Our Oven Door Thermometer has a 50mm long probe, threaded so that the supplied wing nut can secure the thermometer body against the face of your oven door. 

Oven Wall Thermometers    ($65)

For a thermometer to mount into the wall of your brick oven you’ll need something with a nice long probe; typically a brick oven wall is more than 200mm thick if you allow for insulation and render! Our Oven Wall Thermometers have a 350mm probe which gives you plenty of length.

Infrared Thermometers

We are currently tracking down top quality infrared thermometers, watch this space!