Custom Commercial Oven for George Calombaris

We are excited to show you one of our latest projects, a custom Wood Fired Oven designed and built by us for George Calombaris restaurant; Hellenic Republic in Kew.

Building a Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Timelapse

We have taken timelapse footage of some of our Wood Fired Ovens being constructed, for those of you who want to see an oven being built in minutes...

How To Build Our PreCut Brick Oven Kit

We have put together a series of detailed video instructions which take you through the process of building our PreCut Brick Oven Kits. Even if you're planning on build a brick oven to your own design, we think you'll find these videos very helpful.

How To Build Our PreCast Wood Fired Oven Kit

If the process of putting together our PreCut Brick Oven Kit seems a little daunting, you'll love this. We have made our own range of PreCast Oven Kits, and to guide you through the process we have put together a video series to make building your oven as easy as possible.

Curing & Firing

Knowing how to cure your oven is a critical step in construction, and one to be taken with patience and care. Our video on Curing your Wood Fired Oven will definitely be of assistance! Then it will be time to start firing your oven in earnest, and we have some good tips for you on that as well.

Using Your Wood Fired Brick Oven

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Tools & Tips