Wood Fired Pizza Oven Plans


The Melbourne Fire Brick Company have put together our favourite Wood Fired Pizza Oven Plans, which are available through the links below.



Forno Bravo 'Pompeii'


We highly recommend the Forno Bravo 'Pompeii' wood fired pizza oven plans which are free to download. The plans are for the classic 'dome' style pizza oven (as seen in the image to the right).


Follow the link below and click 'Add to cart', then click 'Checkout' and fill in the required details. It feels like you're going to be asked to pay for something but fear not! It's 100% free, and the plans are very detailed.


Forno Bravo 'Pompeii' Pizza Oven Plans




Traditional Oven


If you would like to build a 'barrel vault' style wood fired oven then The Melbourne Fire Brick Company recommend you get in contact with Rado at Traditional Oven.


Rado will post you CD containing a complete tutorial and hundreds of progress photos to walk you through the process of building a barrel vault oven, and he only asks you to cover the cost of postage.



If you know of any other free, top quality Wood Fired Pizza Oven Plans then please Contact Us to let us know, and we'll put them up here for all to see and enjoy.

Pompeii Wood Fired Pizza Oven in house-style enclosure


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