DIY Italian Pizza Ovens

Are you looking to build your own Italian Wood Fired Oven? Maybe you already have a design in mind, something you’ve been thinking about for months, even years, and it’s finally time to get it built. We love seeing customers take their oven design from idea to reality, and we will be more than happy to help you with your project.

If you are looking to build an oven following the free wood fired oven plans by Forno Bravo, then we have put together 'Raw Material Kits' to cater to the most popular sizes; the 36" and the 42" Pompeii Wood Fired Ovens. The Raw Material Kits include all of the refractory materials that you will need to construct your Italian pizza oven to the specifications shown in the Forno Bravo Plans. Please note that these kits are only the raw materials - you will need to design the oven yourself following the Forno Bravo Plans, and cut all of the fire bricks to suit your design, as well as making formwork, the 'Indispensable Tool' and so on.

Included in the Raw Material Kits;

+ Calcium Silicate Board Insulation

The DIY Kits come with 50mm thick Calcium Silicate Board to build the oven on. Calcium Silicate board has very high compressive strength to handle the weight of the oven, and most importantly has exceptionally low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, to keep the heat trapped in the floor of your oven. Forno Bravo suggest using a mixture of Vermiculite and cement (Vermicrete) to insulate the underside of the oven, however you will find that the thermal conductivity of Calcium Silicate board is three times better than Vermicrete, and much easier to work with.

+ Sub-Floor Refractory Castable and Formwork (optional)

Although not specifically mentioned in the Forno Bravo plans, if you’re planning on using our 50m fire brick tiles for the cooking floor of your oven, we recommend pouring a 25mm layer of refractory castable on top of the Calsil Insulation board to increase the thermal mas. Along with the bags of dry refractory castable, we provide you with plastic formwork to wrap around your CalSil board so that you can pour a uniform, flat slab ready to lay your floor tiles onto.

+ Fire Brick Tiles

The DIY Kits include enough 305x305x50mm fire brick tiles to cut down to the foot print of the oven you’re building. This quantity is based on the walls of the oven being built on top of the floor tiles, which is the easiest approach and is what we recommend for any non-commercial oven.

+ Straight Fire Bricks

We include a small quantity of straight fire bricks (230x225x75mm) specifically for the walls of your Entry and Vent Arches, as most of our customers build with a straight walled opening. If however you are wanting to build a semi-circular opening these can be swapped for arch bricks.

+ Arch Fire Bricks

The bricks that we recommend for building your oven dome are our Arch Fire Bricks, measuring 230x115x75/65mm (if you look at the small end of the brick, it tapers from 75mm to 65mm thick). These are full length bricks, and will need to be cut down to smaller sizes to suit your dome shape. This is where the majority of the work in cutting bricks kicks in! The Forno Bravo plans are a bit vague in this area – they tell you to get a heap of firebricks, cut them into halves and build your dome. If you’ve spent any time on the Forno Bravo Forum (which we HIGHLY recommend) you will know that this doesn’t quite work. To keep the interior face of the joints as close to brick-on-brick as possible, as you progress up the rows of the dome you will need to taper the sides of the brick as well. When you get right to the top of the oven you’ll find that half bricks are much too big, and you’ll need to cut much smaller pieces to keep the mortar gaps tight.

That being said, if you have access to a wet cutting brick saw with a suitable diamond blade and you have plenty of time available then this may well be the most enjoyable DIY project you’ll ever do. Cutting all of the bricks to size is time consuming, noisy AND messy, but it’s very satisfying to design and construct your own creation.

+ Refractory Mortar and Castable

We supply you with enough Refractory Mortar to ‘glue’ all of your brickwork together, as well as a couple of bags of fine Refractory Castable, for filling in awkward joints and gaps where you would otherwise have to cut a brick in a complicated shape (like you dome keystone, see more below).

+ Ceramic Fibre Blanket

The DIY Kits have enough Ceramic Fibre Blanket for 50mm coverage over the entire oven dome. The Ceramic Fibre blanket is a brilliant high temperature insulator, and 50mm is more than enough to prevent heat loss from your brick dome.

+ LiteFill Perlite Render

To seal in the Ceramic Fibre Blanket, the kit comes with enough LiteFill Perlite for a 50mm thick shell of strong, lightweight render over the oven dome.

+ Stainless Steel Flue

The DIY kits come with a Stainless Steel Flue and Flue Cap to suit – you will need to design the flue gallery for your oven to fit and support this flue.

We can also point you in the direction of some excellent oven building resources, as well as some tips of our own to ensure you build an oven that not only looks good, but works well, and will still be cooking amazing food for years to come.

Please see links below to the resources we have available;

If you’ve already gone through our resources and have more questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, we’ll be very happy to help in any way we can.

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