PreCut Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits

Our DIY PreCut Brick Oven Kits are designed to make building your own authentic wood fired oven as easy as possible. The PreCut kits come with everything you need to build the highest quality wood fired brick oven.

You don’t need to be a skilled bricklayer to put this oven together – we’ve done all the hard work for you. The ovens have been 3D CAD modelled to determine the optimal size and shape of each brick, to achieve the tightest possible joints on the inside face of the oven. 

The kit includes all of the refractory materials needed, as well as special tools and formwork. All you have to do is assemble the kit, following our detailed instructions. 

Included in the PreCut Kit:

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+ Insulation Board Templates

Templates for cutting and positioning the Calcium Silicate (CalSil) insulation board. CalSil is an excellent high temperature insulation, preventing the heat in the floor of your oven from escaping into the supporting structure beneath.

+ Sub-Floor Castable Layer

Refractory Castable (high-temp concrete) and formwork for pouring a 25mm thick slab on top of the CalSil board (this gives you additional thermal mass in your oven floor, as well as a smooth, flat surface to lay the floor bricks onto).

+ PreCut Fire Brick Floor Tiles

Fire Brick floor tiles cut precisely to the footprint of the oven, 50mm thick. These are to be bedded into a layer of refractory mortar on top of the sub-floor castable layer to get the floor tiles perfectly flat and level.

+ Entry Arch Bricks

The bricks for the Entry Arch (that opening that intersects the brick dome) are hand cut and the curve of the dome is ground into these bricks to give you a smooth transition from the dome into the oven opening.

+ Vent Arch Bricks

The Vent Arch bricks are also cut to size and numbered making them easy to position. Both the Entry Arch and the Vent Arch come with CNC machined formwork, cut from construction grade formply.

+ Refractory Mortar & Fine Refractory Castable

Refractory Mortar for assembling your brickwork, which can be used for all joints providing that the inside face of that joint is tight, no greater than 5mm. If you ever have an instance where the gap between the bricks on the inside face of the oven is greater than 5mm, use the fine-grain Refractory Castable instead.

+ Trammel Tool

A ‘Trammel Tool’ – a laser cut steel arm that pivots from the centre of the floor; clamp each brick into the Trammel and it will position each one in a perfect dome. The Trammel is the key to our PreCut Kit, and something even seasoned stonemasons are impressed by!

+ Dome Bricks Cut to Size

All of the bricks for the oven dome are cut to achieve the tightest possible joints on the inside face of the oven. By keeping the joints as close to brick-on-brick as possible, we are building ovens that will still be going strong decades from now. Please note that you may need to grind a keystone to fit the gap at the end of each row, as your gap will be fractionally different to the next person. That being said, there are a number of assorted size bricks in the kit specifically for this reason, so you won’t have much grinding to do.

+ Fibreglass Dome Formwork

In the higher rows of the dome, the angle of the brickwork is fairly steep. When you reach this stage rather than position the bricks with the Trammel, we provide you with a custom made fibreglass dome ‘form’. Prop the form inside your oven dome and lay the last few courses of bricks on top of the fibreglass.

+ Dome Keystone

When you reach the final row in the dome you have two options; you can cut a custom keystone using the extra bricks provided in the kit, or you can simply pour the keystone using the high strength refractory castable provided (much easier, and just as effective). Once the keystone has set the fibreglass form can be removed; it is designed to fold in on itself and come out through the oven door.

+ PreCast Flue Gallery & Stainless Steel Flue

Our PreCast Flue Gallery is made from high grade refractory castable, reinforced with stainless steel fibres. The Flue Gallery has a built-in stainless steel flue sleeve with an expansion joint around the sleeve to allow for the expansion of the stainless steel when it heats up. While the PreCut Kit comes standard with a single length of flue and a flue cap, we have a range of flue options to suit your particular installation.

+ Ceramic Fibre Putty

High grade flexible Ceramic Fibre Putty is provided to attach the PreCast Flue Gallery to the top of the brick arches, which allows for the slight difference in thermal expansion between your brickwork and the PreCast Flue Gallery and minimises cracking.

+ Ceramic Fibre Blanket Insulation

With all of the bricks laid, there is enough Ceramic Fibre Blanket in the kit for a full 50mm coverage over the entire oven dome. The Ceramic Fibre Blanket is an incredibly efficient high temperature insulator, preventing heat escaping from the oven dome.

+ Perlite Render

To seal in the Ceramic Fibre Blanket, the kit comes with enough LiteFill Perlite for a 50mm thick shell of strong, lightweight render over the oven dome. This layer is in essence a structural basecoat, ready for finishing.

+ Finishing Your Oven

With the render shell complete, how you finish your oven is entirely up to you! The combination of the Ceramic Fibre Blanket and the Perlite render is so effective that even if you decide to get your oven REALLY hot (say around 800 degrees), the outside of the render shell will only get to maybe 40 degrees C. This means you can cover it in whatever you like; acrylic roll-on render, river pebbles, mosaic tiles… you’re only limited by your imagination.

+ Stainless Steel Door with Temperature Gauge

To ensure you can use your oven not only for pizzas, but for roasts, casseroles, bread and more, we provide you with a stainless steel oven door to seal in the heat, humidity and most importantly, the flavour! The door comes with solid hardwood handles trimmed in brushed stainless steel and a temperature gauge. The door is coateded in a silicone based high temp paint with a sating black finish.


I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me while building your wood fired oven design, it has been a pleasure to build this oven at home with my wife and daughter. With the clear instruction guide, pre-cut fire bricks, photos and great quality products the oven has taken me only a few weekends to build. The layout and size of the oven is great; my family love cooking pizzas, roasts and everything else we used to cook in our regular oven together. Thank you again for the million phone calls of help you have given me, I hope that business goes well for you and keep enjoying what you do because you do it well."

Nick Papasergio - Dingley