The D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit is tailor-made for commercial applications, or for those who really want a BIG oven in their backyard. With an internal diameter of 1300mm, the D130 PreCut Kit is a great choice if you’re opening a wood fired pizzeria, or just want to be able to cook an entire lamb with a couple of trays of vegetables at the same time.

This oven is different from the two smaller PreCut igloo kits, because the shape of the dome is not hemispheric. Due to the large width of the dome, we use an elliptical shape with steep sides and a relatively flat ceiling. This keeps the ceiling at the optimal height, perfect for cooking commercial quantities of pizza, but still ideal for roasting meat and baking bread. 

As with all of our PreCut Kits, we do as much as we possibly can for you. All of the bricks come cut and ground to size, we provide you with templates, CNC machined formwork, a special Trammel Tool, fibreglass dome form and much, much more. All you need to do is assemble the kit like a big jigsaw puzzle (see the PreCut Kits page for more details).

There are a couple of other key differences in this oven design; 

  • As these ovens are commonly used in commercial applications, we cut the majority of the floor tiles to fit inside the walls, meaning they can be pulled out and replaced in the future if need be.

  • Instead of a fixed-radius Trammel Tool (which can only be used to create a hemisphere) the kit comes with a custom made Elliptical Trammel Tool, which can be fully adjusted to lay a smooth elliptical curve. A CNC cut dome template is provided.

  • You can customise elements of the kit to suit your application – for example you may want additional thermal mass in the oven floor which can be achieved by doubling up the floor tile layer. Talk to us about your project and we’ll be happy to help.


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With an internal diameter of 130cm, this is our commercial oven. The total available cooking surface area is 1.36m², giving you more than enough space to cook nine 12" pizzas at once, or eight large roasting trays.


COST - $3990

The D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit is currently priced at $3990 inc GST. Pickup is available from our warehouse in Hallam. Alternatively we can arrange Shipping to a local transport depot near you, ready for collection.



The D130 Brick Oven will take between 3.5 and 4 hours to heat up to 400°C, from ambient. In a commercial setting it will rarely get below 250°C. From there it will take around an hour to get back up to 400°C.



From a full firing as described above, the D130 will take approximately 80 hours to cool from 350°C to 70°C, with the door firmly shut. In the first 12 hours it will drop to around 290°C (depending on ambient conditions).



1750MM x 1850MM

The minimum space required, assuming you're building a 'straight-on' rectangular oven stand, is 175cm wide by 185cm deep. We recommend increasing the depth to around 215cm to fit a landing in front of the oven mouth.





Once the D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit has been built it will weigh approximately 1500kg, not including the weight of the stand it is built on. The D130 should be built on a suspended slab of reinforced concrete.


To help you build a stand suitable to support our D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit, we've put together a detailed guide to walk you through the process. Our suggestion is to build stand walls using bricks, interlocking concrete blocks, or cinder blocks, which are filled with concrete and reinforcing steel. A suspended slab of reinforced concrete is then formed up and poured to create the benchtop to support the oven. The stand must be built on reinforced concrete foundations - if you're building on soft ground you may need to consult a contractor to ensure your foundations are adequate. For those building in regions that experience freeze-thaw conditions, please consult your local building authority for guidance on foundation design.

We recommend that you build your stand to a height in the range of 920mm to 1120mm height from ground level. The key is to build to a height that allows you to see the food that's cooking without bending down. You'll spend a lot longer looking into the oven than you will using your oven tools, so build your stand to a height that allows you to do that. 

We have put together detailed instructions showing you our suggested process for building your Wood Fired Pizza Oven Stand, and determining the best height for the stand, please see the links below.

   D130 Corner Stand - Minimal    If you need to build a D130 into a corner, but want to minimise the space it uses then check out this layout. 

D130 Corner Stand - Minimal

If you need to build a D130 into a corner, but want to minimise the space it uses then check out this layout. 

   D130 Rectangular Stand Layout    This is the most common layout for building a D130 oven stand, giving you room for more than 1m³ of firewood storage space.

D130 Rectangular Stand Layout

This is the most common layout for building a D130 oven stand, giving you room for more than 1m³ of firewood storage space.

   D130 Corner Stand - With Landing    If you're building a D130 into a corner and have plenty of space, then this layout gives you the depth you need for a landing.

D130 Corner Stand - With Landing

If you're building a D130 into a corner and have plenty of space, then this layout gives you the depth you need for a landing.


If you're into design and have used Google's Sketchup 3D drawing utility, then you'll love this. You can download the full CAD file for each of the D130 Oven Stand Designs that we've put together, then use that file to create the perfect layout to fit your area. 


We've created a set of detailed instructions to guide you through the process of building your D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit. We want you to have a great time building it, so we've put a lot of effort into them to make the project as enjoyable as possible. 

There are two sets of instructions; a detailed written guide and a video series to accompany it. You will need both - the written instructions give you details that can't be covered in the videos, and the videos teach you things that can't be covered in writing.

Click on the button below to download the written instructions for our D130 PreCut Brick Oven Kit.


Please note that the videos below show the D105 PreCut Brick Oven Kit being built - the D130 has two distinct differences from the D105; the dome follows an elliptical curve, and is built around the floor rather than on top of it.


The first step is to cut and lay the Calcium Silicate insulation board, position it on your stand and pour the Refractory Castable Sub-Floor Heat Bank on top.



The second step is to lay the firebrick tiles that make up the floor of your brick oven. These tiles are all cut to size and are ready to lay, you'll bed them down into a layer of refractory mortar.


With the floor tiles laid it's time to start building the brick dome. This might sound difficult, but we have made it simple with our steel Trammel Tool. The Trammel pivots from the centre of the floor; all you need to do is lock each dome brick into the trammel using the clamp attached, and it will help you position each brick perfectly. The trammel for the D130 will need to be adjusted for each row of bricks that you lay in the dome.


Our CNC machined formwork will help you build the brick arches that make up the Entry and Vent area of your brick oven. To complete the dome, we show you how to use the fibreglass dome formwork which you'll use to lay the last few rows of bricks, and pour your refractory keystone.


With the brick dome complete you're ready to fit the PreCast Flue Gallery. With the Flue Gallery in position you can attach theCeramic Fibre Blanket Insulation. Following this you'll put on a layer of chicken wire (metal lath) and apply the Perlite Render in layers until you've built up a 2" shell over the dome.


Before you start firing your finished oven up, you'll need to take it through the curing process. When you finish building the oven it will be full of moisture as a result of the building process, which needs to be driven out of the oven in a slow, controlled manner. 


Your D130 PreCast Oven Kit comes with a powdercoated stainless steel door, which you can use in two primary ways. The first use is as a draft door, to control airflow into the oven to feed the fire. The second use is to seal the oven chamber completely, to seal in steam and smoke for the perfect roasts, crusty loaves of bread and a whole lot more.

If you need some inspiration on what kind of finishes are possible, jump to our Wood Fired Oven Gallery and browse through the various builds and stories our customers have come up with over the years.